Feather Neoprene Trench Coat

Feather Neoprene Trench Coat

$125.00 $225.00 Save $100

Stop traffic, women and the skies with this  100% Neoprene Trench Coat with slim fit arms for the perfect rollover sleeve with your Iridium bracelet. The coat is topped in feather print for a unique touch. Closure zips up to the neck line to provide a secure look, or if released, a flowing sensation. The finish provides a superstar look for the superstar in you. Model wears a medium, designed for a nice fit, quilted details all around jacket, zippers everywhere, arms zip open for a complete new look in boldly-patterned Chicago streetwear.


  • Fits true to size
  •  designed for a nice fit
  • Model wears a medium
  • zipper pockets
  • zipper detail in many places

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