My Bahama Land

My Bahama Land


My Bahamaland needs your help!

Being born and raised in the Bahamas, I have been greatly impacted by the recent destruction of Hurricane Dorian on my homeland.

The islands of Abaco Island and Grand Bahama were hit with one of the strongest Atlantic Ocean hurricanes on record. Families and communities have been significantly affected by this historic storm—reports continue to come in about the scale of its damage. Most deaths were reported on Abaco Island. Nearly all residents of this island have been displaced and are struggling to find shelter.

Many of my family and friends still live in The Bahamas, where they have endured being without basic necessities—like clothing, fresh water, and food—due to the storm. Hurricane Dorian has left them devastated, homeless and searching for answers to determine the future.

Here at Iridium, we are proud to do our part in raising money to help rebuild the damaged communities of the Bahamas. When you purchase a special edition “My Bahamaland” t-shirt, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to aid the Bahamas through Red Cross, Mercy Corps and Unicef. These relief fund programs are committed to directly assisting with the immediate disaster relief needs of Bahamian citizens. They are focusing on the core safety of the people, their essential needs—such as water, food, shelter, and medical needs—and the recovery of the communities.

We invite you to join us in these efforts and to help spread love to the Bahamas.

Thank You

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